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 Hello World Phone Card

Hello World phone card

Connection Fee
Billing Increments 3 minute rounding
Maintenance Fees 50¢ Weekly
Payphone Fee 50¢ per call (FCC imposed)
Additional Fees & Taxes None
Card Expiration 90 days after the first use of this card
Customer Service Number 1-888-285-1364 Some Cards use 1-877-708-8681
Access Number 1-877-708-8681
International Access Numbers
Local Area Access Not Available
Does This Card Work From: Alaska: Yes - Billed at the same rate per minute
Hawaii: Yes - Billed at the same rate per minute
Canada: Yes - Billed at a higher rate per minute
International Cellular Phones Typically, calls to international cellular phones are billed at a different calling rate per minute than to a landline. Please verify all international calling rates before making your purchase.
Additional Information Network Services provided by AT&T.

Cards do not work from international cell phones.

Hello World cards can be used to call in-state and state-to-state, outbound international calls, inbound international calls to the USA, and from country to country outside the USA from select countries using the AT&T DirectÓ Service.

This card cannot be used to place 500, 700, 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 900, 976, 411, 555 number service calls, or to place third-party billed and collect calls.

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